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The Beth El Religious School curriculum links what students are learning in the two days of classroom instruction with the celebration of Shabbat and holidays. In this way, the reinforcement of Jewish spiritual life and values takes place within the family and congregation.

The support of parents is vital to the curriculum's success. The curriculum is posted by grade and subject on our website (see right margin), allowing parents to follow their children's progress and participate in their learning. In addition, Rabbi Marcelo Kormis and Education Director Hazzan Brian Shamash are dedicated to helping parents reinforce and expand on what their children are learning.

Parents were the inspiration and motivation to create this curriculum. A few years ago, in focus groups, parents indicated their desires for the direction of our curriculum. The curriculum was revised to reflect these priorities for the learning of our children:
1. The purpose and meaning of prayer
2. The translation of Biblical ethics into our daily lives
3. The joy of Shabbat and holiday celebrations
4. The use of technology to engage students and motivate them to be independent learners.

These are ambitious goals and we continue to work toward implementing all of them effectively across all grades. Teachers were involved in developing the curriculum and continue to adjust the content and methods over time, based on their assessments of classroom experience and feedback from parents.

We always welcome the comments and suggestions of parents in this process.

Our Sages tell us that the Hebrew word "banayich," meaning your children, should be read and understood as "bonayich," meaning your builders. In that sense those who study Torah are the builders of the world

Come join with ourchildren in this grand adventure in Jewish learning, and make the world a much better place for them and generations to come.

Please email your comments and suggestions to:
Rabbi Marcelo Kormis
Hazzan Brian Shamash

Religious School Parent Handbook


 K - Gan

 Grade 1 - Kita Alef

 Grade 2 - Kita Bet

 Grade 3 - Kita Gimel

 Grade 4 - Kita Daled

 Grade 5 - Kita Hey
     Holidays, Customs and Ceremonies
     Siddur, Hebrew

 Grade 6 - Kita Vav
     Holidays, Customs and Ceremonies
     Siddur, Hebrew

 Grade 7 - Kita Zayin
     Rabbi's Class

 Grade 8 - Kita Het

 Prayers and Blessings by Grade

 cyberTROPES(R) B'rachot u'Tefilot


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